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Clinical results from the users of EdgeEndo.

Low Cost Endodontic Files

Jun 29, 2017 | Slider (Homepage), Studies

Low Cost Endodontic Files

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Reprinted June 2017, with permission, from Vol. 10 Issue 6, Pages 1,4,5

Gordon’s Clinical Observations: Endodontic treatment is a nearly daily procedure for most general dentists, and the relatively low overhead makes this treatment very profitable if accomplished correctly. The introduction of lower-cost endo files has many clinicians wondering if these files are clinically acceptable and as efficient as conventional higher-cost files. CR scientists and clinicians, assisted by a survey of practitioners, help you decide if these inexpensive files are right for you.

User ratings for EdgeFile, WaveOne Gold, ProTaper, and Endosequence

CR CONCLUSIONS: Clinical and laboratory evaluations found the EdgeFile to have clinically acceptable performance with a cost significantly lower than other leading brands. Users noted its flexibility, strength, and ability to hold its shape. They rated file separation as similar to other brands, which was confirmed with controlled tests. Low cost makes single use of endo files a more viable option. Design features and metallurgy differ among brands, and clinicians should consider all factors when choosing files, including feel, efficiency, aggressiveness, flexibility, shape, familiarity, cost, compatibility with obturation, etc.

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