Incredible Strength

Amazing strength means the confidence to tackle any case.

ICON Taper Flexibility

Unmatched Flexibility

Heat-treated FireWire™ NiTi gives amazing flexibility, capable of 90° curves.

ICON Taper No Bounce Back

No Bounce Back

FireWire™ NiTi doesn’t bounce back to preserve apical anatomy

EdgeOne Fire™ features our Heat-Treated Fire-Wire™ NiTi and is designed to shape canals in a reverse-reciprocating motion. EdgeOne Fire works with existing handpieces operated at the WaveOne® Gold parameter.

EdgeOne Fire™ is available in sizes Small, Primary, Medium, and Large. Files have a parallelogram shaped cross section with a variable taper. There are three files in each pack with the option of an assortment pack or single sized pack. Available in lengths 21mm, 25mm and 31mm.

Small (tip size 20)

Primary (tip size 25)

Medium (tip size 35)

Large (tip size 45)

EdgeOne Fire™ is designed with a varied taper and shapes canals in reverse-reciprocating motion.

EdgeOne Fire™ GlidePath

EdgeOne Fire™ GlidePath is designed to shape the canal in reverse-reciprocating motion just like EdgeOne Fire™. EdgeOne Fire™ GlidePath comes in lengths 21mm, 25mm, and 31mm.

Matching Points

Our EdgeOne™ points for EdgeOne Fire™ come in sizes Small, Primary, Medium and Large.

Matching Obturators

We have EdgeCore® for EdgeOne Fire® in sizes Small, Primary, Medium and Large.

Please note images of points and obturators aren’t reflective of actual packaging; sizes vary according to taper sizes of corresponding file system.