Clinical Cases

Our EdgeEndo® customers have tested our products and have been gracious enough to share with us their experiences with our Endo products.

Dr. Brett A. Rosenberg D.D.S.

PA of  Microscopic Endodontics Root Canal Therapy in Jupiter, FL., USA
After access it is 10C File, 15 H file. Work length is then established. Then it is in with the 30 .04 for 2-3 passes. Next the 30 .06 is used for 2-3 passes or until it gets to work length. This is all done with copious amounts of 8% NaOCL. If needed a 40 .06 may be used in large canals. A final rinse with 17% EDTA, Ethyl alcohol, and 2% CHX is used prior to filling using WVC.

Dr. Julio C. De La Fuente DDS

General Dentist, Edinburg, TX, USA

Dr. Clifford S. Leffingwell III, endodontist

General Dentist, Lincoln, NE, USA

The 44 year old female patient presented as a referral from her general dentist due to a carious exposure of tooth #31 (Mandibular Right Second Molar).  Upon completion of an exam and diagnosis, a treatment plan for endodontic therapy was presented to the patient and she subsequently consented to treatment. The case presented radiographically to demonstrate severe curvature approaching 90 degrees.  Based upon previous experience and familiarity of EdgeEndo files, I felt confident in navigating this canal system.  This was after appropriate patency obtained with handfiles (EdgeEndo K-Files).