EdgeEndo are hands down the best rotary instruments on the market! The flexibility and durability are unmatched! It was a seamless transition to switch and file separation became a thing of the past!

James A. Wealleans, D.M.D., American Board Certified Endodontist, Adj Professor, Clinician

Sydney, Australia

I recently compared EdgeEndo NiTi files to my current system.  I was pleasantly  surprised at their flexibility, durability, and resistance to fracture. The best part there was no change to my technique and I achieved the same result while saving money.  EdgeEndo is now part of my daily clinical practice.”

Professor Gianluca Gambarini, University of Rome, La Sapienza School

Rome, Italy

“Even though I was having some failures with my rotary endodontic files I was using, it is always difficult making that change. I was introduced to the Edge Rotary File System and decided to give them a go. I have been using these files for more than 6 months now, and I have found they have incredible flexibility and durability. They can get around difficult canals and I have never had a file separation. These files have given me a lot more confidence in the endodontic treatment I provide as I know they will always get the job done.”

Doctor John Marsell, BDSc Hons (WA), Cert Dent Tech, Grad Dip Forensic Odontology (WA)

Perth City Dental Surgery

“I recently converted to EdgeFile X7, after using one of the leading file system for many years.  The X7 allows me to instrument highly calcified canals with challenging anatomy better than any other file system I have used. I highly recommend EdgeFile X7 to all my dental colleagues, try it and see the benefits for yourself.”

Doctor Matthew Tang, BDSc (Melbourne)

The Dental Group Dingley, Victoria

“Easy to use, flexible and durable. Resistance to fracture. Easy to follow the sequence of the files. In terms of price also very affordable compared to other rotary files and this makes it a lot more reasonable in regard to discarding the files as well”

Doctor Maryam Rahnama, DDS (Iran), ADC (Australian Dental Council) Certificate

Clinician, Perth WA

“In our opinion EdgeEndo is the best rotary system available!  EdgeEndo has a great price point without compromising on quality.  These products have great flexibility and are very durable when compared with others on the market.  Once we started using these products there was no looking back!”

Doctor Gregory L. Normoyle, BDSc (Qld)

Centre Street Dental, NSW

“Great file, excellent pricing and very good for the amateur dentist or as a teaching file”

Doctor Mehdi Rahimi, BDSc (Ontago) DClinDent (Melb), FICD, FPFA, MRACDS Adjunct Associate Professor (CSU)

Gentle Endodontics, Sydney NSW

“I have used a number of rotary files and have found the EdgeFile X7 to be the most forgiving file to use. Very flexible, allowing preventing and easy placement into otherwise difficult to access canals. It also has included a safety feature of unwinding prior to separation. EdgeFile X7 is a file you can rely on every time to take the stress out of endodontics!”

Dr Vincent Huynh BOH in DSc, Grad. Dip. Dent.

“ I have been in practice for thirty two years and for me EdgeEndo is a game changer. They make top quality files. They offer a diverse catalog of products with prompt service. And best of all, Edge Endo has pricing that cannot be beat. Quality, service and industry leading pricing. Say no more.”

Dr. Thomas Jovicich, D.M.D.

West Valley Endodontic Group, Encino, CA, Office Website

“Quality and price are number one feature, and I have never had a file break on me.”

Dr. William E Judson D.D.S

William E. Judson D.D.S., Family and General Dentistry, El Sobrante, CA, Office Website

“We love EdgeEndo products and we love the fact that you keep your prices low and affordable and have great customer service.”

Dr. Donald K. Ruddell D.D.S. & Michael Y. Lin D.D.S.

Dr. Donald K. Ruddell D.D.S., and Michael Y. Lin D.D.S., Oakland, CA, Office Website

I did what most of us do, a bought a pack that was very close or identical to the files I presently use and paying dearly for them. The files from EdgeEndo®were surprisingly more efficient, more flexible, and hold up better for about 1/3 cost. I do not like change!! If I have repeated success with a product, I rarely will even attempt, to try anything else. For the cost and ease of ordering, I gave these a shot. So glad I did. Going through a direct company is always a pain when you cannot just get it from your supplier, but for the price we pay for files and bioceramics, it’s worth the small effort. Customer service is very efficient, informative, and personal. This company will not be small for long.

Forrest J. Filippi, D.M.D.

Smile Transformation Centre, Glendale, AZ, Office Website

“I want to thank the founder of EdgeEndo for providing dentistry with very high-quality endodontic products.  Also, recently I purchased carbide burs from EdgeEndo and am very impressed with their cutting efficiency.  EdgeEndo prices are much less than other brand name products and I will be spreading the word including my professor/mentor friend from one of the well-known universities.  I also treat some medicaid patients, and as you probably know, don’t get the reimbursement that I would normally, so I really appreciate the lower cost of your high-quality products.  To all of the dentists out there please try EdgeEndo products as you have everything to gain.”

Timothy Jenness, D.D.S.

Prestige Dental Care, Brookfield, WI, Office Website

“They’re a winner. I love ‘em!  And, I’ll save $25,000 this year.”
Robert E. Lesniak, D.D.S.

Kingston, Pennsylvania, Office Website

I just referred a friend of mine, Dr. Thomas Hughes from Avon Ohio to EdgeEndo.  As a long time user of Thermafil, Vortex, ProTaper, WaveOne and WaveOne Gold (just to mention a few), changing from a trusted company for over two decades to a new company took a leap of faith. So far so good! I have found the files and obturators to be excellent and high quality and at such a great price!

I have also been most impressed by EdgeEndo’s customer care representatives with how well they know your competitor’s systems. Very friendly and helpful! Looking forward to years of success together!  All the best!

John L. Kinsley, D.D.S.

Rocky River, Ohio, Office Website

“I have been very pleased with the products from EdgeEndo® and have implemented them at the Reconstructive Dentistry Institute. With its specialized fabrication process, the Flexible Fire-Wire NiTi EdgeFile allows the dental provider to efficiently and effectively perform endodontic procedures without the fear of file separation.”
Ara Nazarian, D.D.S.

Premiere Dental Center, Troy, MI, Office Website

Thanks for creating a great product at an affordable price. I work at a public health facility with slim financial margins, the speed and price of your system will allow us to offer endo to those who would otherwise not be able to afford it.”
Clark Brinton, D.M.D.

Ben Archer Health Center, Las Cruces, NM, Office Website

“Every ten years or so there is revolution in Endodontics, and this is it.  With their supernatural elastic modulus and extremely efficient instrument design they have completely changed the way I clean and shape.  From a Board Certified Endodontist-You must try these files.”
Brett A. Rosenberg, D.D.S.

Microscopic Endodontics Root Canal Therapy, Jupiter, Florida, Office Website

“I have been using your products for about a year and have gotten great result and am very satisfied.  Even the difficult cases turn out great.  I would recommend your products to anyone.”
Julio C. De La Fuente, D.D.S.

General Dentist, Edinburg, Tx, Office Website

“This file (EdgeFile™) has revolutionized rotary instrumentation as Nickel Titanium revolutionized Endodontic instrumentation. Heretofore Unseen flexibility and strength in this practitioners hands.”
Alex Parsi, D.D.S.

Endodontist, Los Angeles, CA

“As an endodontist, I have used almost every file brand with the hopes of finding the one that creates the best shape, is efficient, and flexible, yet has a decreased affinity for separation. I can easily say that EdgeEndo® has established this with their file system.  The price point is a very welcomed bonus.”
Abbas Raissi, D.D.S.

Practice Limited to Endodontics, Gilroy, CA, Office Website

“This is by far the best Endo System I have used. I have been practicing since 1985. In my opinion, EdgeEndo files are superior to any of the most common files out there. Their flexibility and ease of use reduce separation anxiety and allow me to proceed through the preparation with ease and comfort. I am so happy I found this system!”

Ghassan Khalaf, D.D.S.

Aura Dental, Las Vegas, NV, Office Website